I’m new to firearms, I admit it, but once I decided it was something I wanted to learn, I went straight for the CCW program with another institution. It wasn’t bad but after a hiatus pending receipt of the license itself, I finally bought a couple of guns (Sig Sauer P226 Legion and H&K VP9 and very soon to be joined by a Beretta 92A1). Anyway, I didn’t feel all that confident after the initial program to be working up to a 9mm set and with my weapons being totally new, I didn’t want to just start at the range by myself. So, I contacted Traneil Thomas at T.R.A. and I’m REALLY glad I did. Traneil was the model of calm, confidence, and confidence-building demeanor that saw me through obvious mistakes. He really engaged and saw quickly where I was going wrong so he could correct me. What I was also impressed with was how he didn’t hesitate to offer advice to some of the other new shooters in the range (Rink’s – which is a very friendly place by the way). Needless to say, I’m hungry for more coaching and have already booked a follow-up appointment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!