Develop a Sense of Preparedness

Instead of being all about us, we are all about you. At T.R.A Defense Training and Consulting our business is helping you feel more secure in your home or business. Whether you’re looking for basic firearms training or advise on how to protect yourself against predators; we offer trustworthy, reliable and affordable solutions to meet your needs.

We are blessed with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of security, personal defense and public safety. Our focus is on equipping you with the “know how” when it comes to firearms safety and implementing needed security measures. Our goal is to prepare the unprepared through training and awareness.

There are many brilliant firearms trainers and security consultants in the personal defense and security industry. Therefore, we’ve been tasked with offering you the very best. People are lining up based on our expertise to get in and learn from our extraordinary instructors. If you’re concerned about personal safety and security, our training courses and consulting services will comfort you. We offer a variety of trainings such as concealed carry, basic and advance firearms, pepper spray, security guard training, consulting and more at affordable prices!

Our Chief Instructor and adviser Traneil Thomas is a current police officer, a Marine Corps Veteran, a Criminal Justice graduate, a certified law enforcement pistol instructor, a certified NRA pistol instructor, a certified USCCA firearms instructor, a certified law enforcement OC (pepper spray) instructor, threat analysis trained and a licensed firearms instructor by the Illinois Department of Professional regulations. It’s no longer if it happens, but when it happens, are you prepared?

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