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Just completed the 2 days of required training for IL CCL with TRA-Training. Our instructor Officer Thomas was very knowledgeable and covered all the required information with many topics discussed by all class members. Available textbooks are an excellent reference for any firearm owner. Very enjoyable class and competitive pricing.


Good evening Traneil, i just want to say that i really enjoyed taking the Concealed to Carry class under your guidance and leadership, the class was very informative and knowledgeable to what you can do and can’t do with the possession of the license. I just received my CCL 0n April 6, i was glad that it had finally come. Those that are considering on applying for the CCl, i would truly recommend going thru the tra-training course, very nice and easy-going instructor. Thank you once and again Traneil.

Tracey Jemison

My husband and I truly enjoyed this class!! The instructor was very informative and engaging; you would hardly know that the class was so many hours because he kept the class learning and laughing all the way through!

I was terrified of guns before taking this class, however he made me feel very comfortable and confident in my ability to pass the written as well as the shooting portion of the tests if the class just followed his instructions, and guess what, I DID! I PASSED 3 TESTS and had a lot of fun while doing it!


Theresa Moore

The course is very informative and the instructor is awesome. I recommend this class 100%.


Very well organized class. Very informative. The instructors are very professional and very knowledgeable with their long years of experience in the field. Instructor T. Thomas is very patient especially to those who are new to firearms. I highly recommend this class.


The T.R.A. Defense Training class is definitely worth it. Traneil Thomas goes over every thing thoroughly with you answers any and all questions you may have. The class is hands which to me made the class really good. He definitely helps you. I have and will recommend this class to anyone trying to get their Concealed Carry License.

Patrick S

This class was very interesting, professional and informative….. I recommend this class to all. Instructor Traneil Thomas go the extra mile to make sure you understand everything. First class instructor that’s very knowledgeable.

Thanks Officer Thomas

Gary Mister, Sr.

I’m new to firearms, I admit it, but once I decided it was something I wanted to learn, I went straight for the CCW program with another institution. It wasn’t bad but after a hiatus pending receipt of the license itself, I finally bought a couple of guns (Sig Sauer P226 Legion and H&K VP9 and very soon to be joined by a Beretta 92A1). Anyway, I didn’t feel all that confident after the initial program to be working up to a 9mm set and with my weapons being totally new, I didn’t want to just start at the range by myself. So, I contacted Traneil Thomas at T.R.A. and I’m REALLY glad I did. Traneil was the model of calm, confidence, and confidence-building demeanor that saw me through obvious mistakes. He really engaged and saw quickly where I was going wrong so he could correct me. What I was also impressed with was how he didn’t hesitate to offer advice to some of the other new shooters in the range (Rink’s – which is a very friendly place by the way). Needless to say, I’m hungry for more coaching and have already booked a follow-up appointment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


I finished the Conceal Carry Class at T.R.A and words can’t describe how i am so so happy I took his class. I called Mr. Thomas a few times in a month to ask different questions and ever time I talked to him he answered everything with kindness & patient. My experience was AWESOME he brought his Police knowledge and firearm expertise to the classroom and range. The price was outstanding compared to other places. Classroom environment was great he explained everything excellent the class was so interesting. I got Three certificate NRA,USCCA & IL CC Thanks to the training at T.R.A. Everything went sooo smooth from A to Z. He helped me all the way through to the website to apply on the ISP State Police Website. Don’t worry about dumb questions there is no such thing in his class he answered all the question. He want’s you to be SAFE & KNOWLEDGABLE. My wife and mother will be in his class ASAP. World Class Service at its best!!! Thank You, Instructor Traneil Thomas

Mahrio Strong

Traneil is a very good, knowledgeable and patient teacher. As I have never shot a handgun before he gave me the training to be an informed, safe and confident shooter. We went over the laws, safety, the gun and how to defend myself. To be more aware of my surroundings. I very much recommend this class at any level or skills that you have. I first made contact with him and told him what I was looking for in a class and he said a beginner could use the information and he wasn’t kidding.


Awesome instructor, I was nervous because it’s been years since I had shot a gun. He was very patient and helpful. I recommend him 100%!

Nathaniel Cunningham

I just completed the course and it was very informative. I highly recommend this instructor. My wife and son are planning on taking the course


Prior to enrolling in T.R.A. class I had both Utah and Florida conceal carry license therefore had past class experience with different instructors.

With that said I have to say Taneil brings his professional/real life experience, exceptional handgun knowledge and weaves those assets into a presentation second to none. He encourages positive student interaction beneficial to everyone.

His personal demeanor and connection with me puts Traneil well above other instructors in my experience and in a league of his own.

His Style, Knowledge, Calming Demeanor (puts every one at ease) promotes an atmosphere where I could process and absorb serious conceal carry concepts that are important in life threatening situations in the real world.

Traneil gave me ownership to my learning instilling confidence I can asses and make the correct decisions in a real time environment when carrying a concealed handgun.

T.R.A. CC two day, 16 hour class is a great value for the price and allowed me to obtain three certificates NRA, USCCA and IL which is required to apply for IL CC permit.

I highly recommend this class to friends, acquaintances and co-workers with interest in becoming knowledgeable with handguns and obtaining IL CC Permit.

Don S

My wife and I enjoyed the class. The instructor answered all of our questions and made sure that everyone was comfortable and had complete understanding before moving on. The class was actually fun. All of the students were easy to get along with.

Thomas Williams

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