Don S

Prior to enrolling in T.R.A. class I had both Utah and Florida conceal carry license therefore had past class experience with different instructors.

With that said I have to say Taneil brings his professional/real life experience, exceptional handgun knowledge and weaves those assets into a presentation second to none. He encourages positive student interaction beneficial to everyone.

His personal demeanor and connection with me puts Traneil well above other instructors in my experience and in a league of his own.

His Style, Knowledge, Calming Demeanor (puts every one at ease) promotes an atmosphere where I could process and absorb serious conceal carry concepts that are important in life threatening situations in the real world.

Traneil gave me ownership to my learning instilling confidence I can asses and make the correct decisions in a real time environment when carrying a concealed handgun.

T.R.A. CC two day, 16 hour class is a great value for the price and allowed me to obtain three certificates NRA, USCCA and IL which is required to apply for IL CC permit.

I highly recommend this class to friends, acquaintances and co-workers with interest in becoming knowledgeable with handguns and obtaining IL CC Permit.

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