The TRAINED READY ARMED shoot experience features a series of shooting drills including drawing from the holster. This course will also feature the opportunity to shoot a variety of guns. Video recording and photo taking will be encouraged. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. There is $35 cancellation fee for all refund request. To reschedule a class, a $35 transfer fee applies. The range fee is included in the price. This is an advanced shooting course and only student have had plenty of practice on the range should sign up, we will not be reviewing basic shooting skills in this course.

This class will take place at the Article II gun range in Lombard (250 Cortland Ave, Lombard, IL 60148)

Equipment Needed: Handgun and an outside the waistband holster.

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You’ve taken your conceal course, where here’s phase 2. This course features nothing but shooting on the range with holster drawing hands on instruction. This course is designed for those students that have taken basic pistol courses or concealed carry course and and simply want to improve their shooting skills. Students will spend 2 hours on the range improving their shooting skills. Topics covered are: Precision shooting, point shooting, target identification, challenge commands, quick target engagement, threat assessments, holster drawing, reload drills, and clearing malfunctions. 200 rounds of pistol ammunition will be needed for this course.  This will also be a great opportunity to record your shooting skills, video recording and photos will be allowed.

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Saturday March 9, 2024 (8AM-10AM) $139

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