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In most states auto insurance is mandatory. Those who are caught driving without auto insurance are ticketed and fined. But even worse then getting caught driving without auto insurance, is getting into an accident without auto insurance. Many of those who have gambled on operating an uninsured motor vehicle have paid the price after being involved in an accident without coverage. No one expects to be involved an accident, but they happen. Likewise no one expects to ever be put in a self defense shooting situation, but if you have applied for a concealed carry license and actively carry a concealed firearm you need protection. You may not plan to be involved in a self defense shooting situation but when carrying a concealed firearm, you are no different then the licensed driver operating a vehicle who did not plan to get into an auto accident. Unfortunately, regardless of how justified you are in a self defense shooting situation you will face some litigation, criminal or civil. Having firearms insurance helps protect you and your family from the unforeseen legal and financial aftermath of a self defense encounter. The same thought of protection applies to those who do not choose to carry concealed but are armed in their homes.

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