The Art of Preparation – Overcoming the Haters of Concealed Carry
December 29, 2017

Why Choose T.R.A?

Why T.R.A Defense Training and Consulting? The answer is quite simple. Here at T.R.A we offer trustworthy, reliable and affordable solutions for your personal safety and security needs. Uniquely, our Chief Instructor and adviser has served among one our nation’s elite military forces. Additionally, he currently serves his community as a law enforcement officer with over 16 years of experience. Therefore, we take safety serious. Not to mention the fact that we value the safety of the citizens and businesses of this great nation. Enthusiastically, we pride ourselves in preparation. It’s no longer “if it happens” but “when it happens.” Be prepared!

Traneil Thomas
Traneil Thomas
Traneil Thomas is a current police officer with over 17 years of Law Enforcement experience. He is a Marine Corps Veteran, a Criminal Justice graduate, a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, a certified USCCA Firearms Instructor, a certified Law Enforcement OC (pepper spray) Instructor and a certified Law Enforcement Taser Instructor. Traneil is "Threat Analysis" trained and licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional regulations. Traneil's goal is to assist law abiding citizens at getting Trained, Ready and Armed.


  1. Marnette T says:

    My Husband and I really enjoyed the class and the Instructor done and excellent job in making sure we were pleased in the teaching we received and his patience is unbelievable he don’t give up on you just trust what he tell you to do and follow through with it and there is no way you will not pass the course. So again Mr. Thomas Thank you so much I will always remember sight not target

  2. Walter Sharpe says:

    I’ve applied for a FOID card and a CCL. I have my fingerprints taken. The next step on the State Police site is to enter the CCL information. I don’t have a firearm. Are you able to help me complete the process?

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